one week later…

… and the day job is definitely slowing down. The company I work for had its annual dinner dance, a.k.a. big office holiday party, on Friday. I haven’t been to this in ten years, but a group of colleagues wanted to get a table together this year, so I went along with them. Nice to get dressed up for a change, although note to self: Don’t wear dress with train when you need to walk half a mile from car to venue, unless you want to arrive looking like you’re dragging a forest full of leaves and twigs behind you. And it was also fun to see esteemed colleagues singing along with the band, break-dancing, and busting various other moves on the dance floor. Ah, the office party. (But no, since you ask, the videos don’t appear to be up on YouTube yet…) Also, since my last post, I’ve paid for the land survey – or at least I’ve paid my half of it. We were going to take care of this at closing, but since we now won’t close till January, the surveyor was getting anxious. He has his cash… now when can I have my land??!! Actually it’s a relief that the seller is now happy to close in January (new tax year), because there is still no closing date in sight for my refinancing. I’d be frantic, except that I know I’m not the only one waiting ages for their refinancing to come through. So, to close on a happier, more festive note, here is a picture of my Christmas tree.

only little, but rocking those lights!

I got it yesterday – it’s only little but it has roots, so I’m hoping I can keep it alive until I’m able to plant it out somewhere on the land. The lights are battery powered… Next year I’ll be looking into solar powered tree lights, for sure.

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