just wait till he’s roaming the land…

Couldn’t resist uploading this video – captured this afternoon – of one of my cats and his squirrel “friend”.

And here’s a review just in:

"Please pass on our congratulations to Sean on his 'youtube'
debut: an Oscar-winning performance in true Hugh Grant style.
He certainly could not be accused of overacting!

Of course, his many fans will be disappointed that he wasn't
given a more substantial script: an opportunity for him to show
off his natural energy and aggression in such a gripping
stand-off. However, young actors have to start somewhere and
appearing with an acrobatic squirrel must represent as good a
start as any.

Let's hope that this was just the start and that agents will
come a-calling if not the interior decorators who may have
spotted the flaking paint on your window sill!"

Thanks, Dad.
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