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Still haven’t bought my low-flow shower filter, because I still haven’t finished re-grouting my shower area (or refinanced for that matter, see previous post, moan, moan…) so I am still taking baths and not showers, which is making me feel a little guilty. Baths use more water, right? Well today, because I’m already collecting water from a dripping pipe (another story), and using that to flush the toilet (the toilet works, I just didn’t want to waste the drip-water), I had the idea that I could use the grey water from my bath to flush the toilet as well. So that’s today’s ecological experiment, and it’s working OK. Wouldn’t want to do this if I had guests or anything, and I *really* hope one of my cats doesn’t jump too enthusiastically onto the bath edge and fall in. But it’s useful in another way too: the old bath water smells incredibly of chlorine. Horrible. And I’m washing in it – well, not the old stuff, but you know what I mean. Need to buy that shower filter soon AND a filter for the bath tap (aka tub faucet) as well.

… Some (embarrassingly small number of) hours later, I have pulled the plug on this one (sorry!). I’d like to say it was the worry of cat drownings, but really I couldn’t bear the scary chlorine smell. Here’s a better thought to help cut down on bath and shower time: “In and out quickly, kids, the water’s poisonous!

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