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I’ve been wondering for a while now if I should ditch the Gallery page on this site. A Gallery seemed like a nice idea when I was starting out, but I don’t see myself using it much now that I’m just putting images straight into my blog posts. So, out it goes, but there’ll be a new page – a virtual bookshelf – coming soon, maybe even next week (oh the joys of Spring Break!!) I’ve moved old Gallery images to the blog posts that referred to them wherever possible, but my first Gallery post was free-standing, so I’m reproducing it again here… And why not, since it’s about one of my favourite places? (I bought my parents a Green-level Subscription to the Alnwick Garden for Christmas, and they’re looking forward to seeing it in all its spring glory when it opens again on April 1.)

Favourite places: The Treehouse at Alnwick in England

A tree house complex, built around and incorporating some larger, old trees (leaving space for them to continue growing). In addition to an excellent restaurant (book ahead!), there are other little shops, deck areas, walkways and bridges threading through the trees. It’s lovely.

Inspirational project and design... and with a great restaurant too.

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