tomatoes from seed to salad

a year in the life

…because images speak louder than words sometimes, and these are some of my favourites from my first attempt to grow stuff on the land.

I was trying to grow more than just tomatoes, and in the image at top left (and below), you might be able to see some basil also rampant beneath the tomato vines. But bunnies ate everything else. One job for the winter months will be to install chicken wire around the base of the deer fence, or at least around the vegetable beds, which I plan to raise slightly as well. I’ll probably move the bee garden too, and spread those plants along the border of the fence.

Despite the disappointment of losing so many seedlings, it’s good to have learnt one thing: tomatoes do very well on the land with very little maintenance. The last time I checked, Matt’s wild cherries were a mini jungle, spreading merrily toward the bee garden. They seem to have only one predator: the tomato hornworm. Quite a beast. If you’d like to play a variant on the spot the worm game I remember from childhood (lowly worm??), then see how many hornworms you can spot in the picture below! (Click on it to enlarge.)

tomato jungle

If you need to know what a hornworm looks like (lucky, lucky you!), here you go:

hornworm doing what hornworms do

Just please don’t tell me they grow into the beautiful hummingbird moth. I will be devastated. (Lalalalalala, not listening!)



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