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So today is 10/10/10, when we should get out and actually do something for the earth, and our climate crisis. And I’ve been at home for most of it working (day job stuff – big deadlines looming, and an imminent business trip, and I am NOT ready). But anyway, I’ve been trying to follow some of the day’s events as they unfold globally, and I tried, in a brief trip to Wholefoods, to do my bit by buying locally. I had noticed one 10/10/10 participant was trying to get everyone to buy their produce from within a 50 mile radius… I can do that, I thought! So there I was at the tomatoes, maybe six or seven different kinds – heirlooms, cherry, grape, on-the-vine, yellow, orange, red, deep brown…. There shouldn’t have been a problem finding something local – I mean OK it’s October, but it’s still really warm here. As a transplanted Brit, I can tell you that summers don’t get better than this in England. So anyway, the tomatoes… Arizona, Mexico, California… I am not near to any of these places. Finally I spotted them, some slightly less appealing looking local hot-house tomatoes. I bought them anyway, and they taste great of course, but if I had tried to source the whole meal from local produce I don’t know what I’d have come away with. I know, I *know*, I should have done my shopping at the farmers’ market, or be ordering in a box of veg from a local grower. If I wasn’t all fired up with the plan to grow my own favourite veg on the land next year, I’d be signing up for a veggie box for sure… had already done my homework there before I found my woodland.

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