late(?) winter

Delinquent blogger returns… The plan is to update the blog this year at least every season. Because stuff is happening! The garden is expanding slowly, both inside the deer-fenced area and out of it: two new beds will be ready to plant this year, and I’m expanding the flower/herb bed too. And outside the fence, I’m starting to prepare some ground for fruit trees!

What’s in the Ground?

Today I put in some onions,  the same stock that came from TurkeySong homestead about a year ago. They are in a bed near garlic, which is doing okay, and some experimental fingerling potatoes that are probably not okay. We’ll see. The plants still going strong, despite the long, bitter winter we’re experiencing, include: the mints (nothing can deter cat mint, it seems); the strawberries I planted in late autumn, and I think the lemon balm is coming through again. Something has been eating the little fig tree, though (something bigger than crickets), so I’ve given it one of the vegetable cages. Really hope it pulls through.

Otherwise everything looks very brown and drab. With the vegetation so low, this is the time of year when old bits of trash seem to surface. Old plastic bottles catch the eye, and glass bottles too in archaic shapes and shades. And bits of rusted metal. After I’d messed about in the garden for a bit, and despite the fact that I’m quite tired at the moment and wasn’t planning to do anything too strenuous, I glanced over the rest of the homestead site and realized it needed some help. There were (and still are, despite today’s efforts) so many fallen branches. I cleared as many of them as I could, imagining the many camp fires all that wood will fuel in months to come. Once I’d started clearing the natural debris, all the man-made stuff started to stick out as well. The old wooden buildings that are slowly (too slowly) decaying. But also plastic and glass bottles that are still turning up, despite the bags and bags of trash I hauled away in the first year of owning the land. Today I hauled away another big bag of trash, mostly plastic items, from the homestead area but also from beside the trail.

The photo below was taken after I’d cleared away most of the fallen branches from around the Old Man. For the moment I’m piling them up in a heap you can see in the middle ground of the picture. If they were a bit more substantial, I’d use them to make fences. But I suppose if they were a bit more substantial, I wouldn’t be able to drag them anywhere.


faded winter colours

And here’s one final shot that seems to promise spring is on the way. After the derecho last summer had blown down lots of trees on the property and huge numbers of branches, I had to clear myself a path from the trail to the homestead site. I pushed a load of fallen debris to the side of the trail, but when I visited the land about a month ago, I realized that I had piled it all up over the spot where daffodils come up every spring. So I shifted all that and enjoyed the results today. The daffodils are up! This time last year they were already in bloom, which just shows how long and cold a winter we are having.


daffodils on the way

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