wood-fired oven

In planning mode now for what to do first on the land. Obviously I’ll need to cut back the plants that have grown up around the old buildings, and get that area cleared, but then what? I found quite a few useful ideas in Mother Earth News’ Guide to Country Skills, not least the article by Steve Maxwell detailing some of the lessons he has learned over the last 20 years of homesteading. But for fun – and because I really think I could make this on my own – I’m tempted to upgrade my firepit early on and build the all-in-one outdoor oven, stove, grill and smoker! It’s probably good to have one or two projects like this lined up, because as I clear some of the old building debris away, I can be looking out for materials I know I can reuse… concrete blocks… I’m sure there are some of those lying around. (Update from Nov. 19 visit: Oh yes, there are certainly concrete blocks!)

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