beating the bounds

… as they call this activity in Britain. At the end of last week I took my parents up to visit the land. We wanted to check out the newly surveyed tract, and make sure the boundaries are clearly marked. They are! Lots of pink tape, and the surveyors cut their way through any denser woodland where the boundary of my tract subdivides the plot originally for sale. It took us nearly two hours to walk the entire perimeter, and it was nice to see water in the creeks. I didn’t see those lovely rocks… but that doesn’t mean they aren’t somewhere on my tract. I realize now that on previous visits (even with the agent) we were getting a little directionally confused… Most of the leaves had fallen a week ago, and whatever the crop is that had been growing around the old homestead buildings was dead. A hunter has put up a brand new hunting stand at the edge of the homestead (deer season has just started here). He will need to reclaim it. But there’s one task to accomplish quite soon: posting the land with notices to keep it private!

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  2. maria andros says:

    Thanks for the post, keep posting stuff

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