a tiny home

I love this tiny, hand-made 84 sq ft home. Click the link and watch the news item about it on YouTube. It cost $10K, but as the structure itself is largely made from found or recycled materials, I’m guessing that most of the money went on the solar panels, and the composting toilet. Something like this would be perfect for the land. And I’m especially excited about this because the owner – and builder – is female. She says she made it all herself!

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2 Responses to a tiny home

  1. Kristen says:

    the lady that built that home is such a inspiration! I love the idea of micro homes and adore seeing peoples creativity on this blog – http://tinyhouseblog.com/ Happy new year!


    • admin says:

      Thank you for your comment, and the blog link. I’m really looking forward to building something soon, and the micro homes just seem more manageable. I’m assuming solar power will go further with them too. Happy New Year to you as well!

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