Welcome! This website, and especially the Blog that goes with it, are the first baby steps towards realizing a dream. If you have ever longed for an eco-retreat, a quiet cabin in the woods miles from anywhere, a carbon-neutral, off-grid haven with its own organic garden, a sacred space to call your own, then we have something in common. In early February 2011 (Imbolc, actually… the perfect time for a new beginning!), I became the proud owner of a few acres complete with tumbledown old farmstead. I still have everything to learn about eco-construction, permaculture, and all the rest – but isn’t the journey supposed to be a big part of the fun?

Over the coming weeks, months and (let’s be realistic) years, this site will be a kind of journal as my “eco-retreat” takes shape. In addition to recording my own progress, I’ll post ideas, plans, pictures, and links to sites I’ve found useful and inspiring. If you have any experience when it comes to off-grid living, or building eco-cabins or tree houses, or if you simply share a similar dream, I’d love to hear from you!


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