new photo!

Check it out! The last few weeks have been so busy, but the land purchase is coming along. The new survey was finished a couple of days ago, so my acres are now subdivided officially from the rest.

I hope these rocks are mine!



I walked around the land with a friend just over a week ago, and took this image. The forest itself has a lovely feel to it, but this spot was particularly gorgeous. The rocks there look very like a dolmen tomb, though the shape and cracks in them are completely natural. So, yes, I hope they turn out to be within the piece I’m buying!!

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urban farming

I’ve been to Italy many times, but only in this last visit did I really notice the extent to which agricultural land coexists with built spaces in many of the towns – at least in the areas around and to the south of Naples, which is where I was based this time. In amongst the houses and shops and businesses are patches of earth just sown with lines of crops, or small, shady fields of vines, or groves of olives or lemon trees. On any surface too steep to plant houses, the land has been terraced and turned over to agricultural use. Steep-sided valleys run in from the sea, and split these hill-towns into pieces. Look out from the railed edge of a piazza and you’ll see the sea; look down and you’ll find a verdant profusion of orchards, vineyards, patches of cauliflower and squash, tomatoes … The best tomatoes I’ve ever tasted. Makes you wonder. Flower gardens and parks are beautiful, but imagine if towns everywhere – and individual homeowners too –  used their green spaces to grow their own food instead.

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armchair green

So today is 10/10/10, when we should get out and actually do something for the earth, and our climate crisis. And I’ve been at home for most of it working (day job stuff – big deadlines looming, and an imminent business trip, and I am NOT ready). But anyway, I’ve been trying to follow some of the day’s events as they unfold globally, and I tried, in a brief trip to Wholefoods, to do my bit by buying locally. I had noticed one 10/10/10 participant was trying to get everyone to buy their produce from within a 50 mile radius… I can do that, I thought! So there I was at the tomatoes, maybe six or seven different kinds – heirlooms, cherry, grape, on-the-vine, yellow, orange, red, deep brown…. There shouldn’t have been a problem finding something local – I mean OK it’s October, but it’s still really warm here. As a transplanted Brit, I can tell you that summers don’t get better than this in England. So anyway, the tomatoes… Arizona, Mexico, California… I am not near to any of these places. Finally I spotted them, some slightly less appealing looking local hot-house tomatoes. I bought them anyway, and they taste great of course, but if I had tried to source the whole meal from local produce I don’t know what I’d have come away with. I know, I *know*, I should have done my shopping at the farmers’ market, or be ordering in a box of veg from a local grower. If I wasn’t all fired up with the plan to grow my own favourite veg on the land next year, I’d be signing up for a veggie box for sure… had already done my homework there before I found my woodland.

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