When I’m not in meetings, or otherwise tied up with the day job, I’m trying to work out a composting routine, so that I can be up and running, compost in hand as it were, when the land finally becomes mine. (Bumped into a colleague this morning – someone I hadn’t seen in a while – and she made my day by being so excited about this land… she had heard from someone else that I was buying new property, but didn’t know the details). Anyway, compost. I’d like to take advantage of a 20% off Gaiam deal that’s going on at the moment, but to make the most of that I should go for one of their more expensive items… Now once I’m on the land, I can make a compost pile and/or rig something up with scrap wood. But realistically, I’m not going to be living on this land day-to-day for quite some time. (Imagine it: commuting into work from my tent with its portaloo; home in the evening to a meal cooked on a firepit, shower rigged up from the rainbarrel… *exciting* but not practical! I have a job where I need to look a little bit put together, clean and vaguely professional). So I need a system that will start the compost close to my apartment. I know I need a simple bucket with lid for my kitchen, but I think I also need some kind of transportable compost bin, so that I can transfer the kitchen scraps to that (and shredded paper, and whatever else), and then schlep that to the land. I’m tempted by the spinning composter. It could sit outside in my garage, or downstairs in the cellar. But then of course I made the mistake of doing a price comparison with something similar on Amazon (no different once I’ve got my 20% off, but perhaps I should check the shipping…), and came across reviews from people who’ve struggled with it. One really glowing review, and the rest saying “don’t!”. Hmmm.

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wild turkeys

Strangely fascinated by hunting magazines… Stumbled across a copy of the Wild Turkey Association’s magazine in a waiting room earlier today. Quite a few useful articles on conservation and land management… alongside the ads for guns of course, including hand guns for self defence. (Never thought I’d be talking about guns in this blog!) Now, even as a vegetarian I can appreciate that culling can be an important, even necessary, component of conservation, but all the same I find reading these magazines a weird experience. The overall impression: Hey, isn’t nature wonderful! Here’s how to attract wildlife to your land… and now let’s kill it!

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I’ve just subscribed to Permaculture Activist magazine. My first act of the day… prompted by checking my email and seeing that someone has decided to follow me, offgridgrrl, on Twitter! Yay, thank you! So instead of just tweeting about permaculture, I thought I’d take a step towards putting it into practice.  Looking foward to receiving the next issue, but in the meantime I thought I’d browse the rest of their catalogue… And so I come to the page on forests/wildlife books, and I want all of them of course! (Most of my acres are forest.) But I must focus here: I’m buying land at the moment NOT extending my library (again).

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